Terms & Conditions
Taxi- and Limousinenservice Thomas Fritsch

§ 1. Scope of Application

The following terms of contract apply to all contracts concerning the rental of limousines from  Taxi- und Limousinenservice Thomas Fritsch and the carriage of passengers.

Other ancillary services are provided exclusively on the basis of the following general terms and conditions.

§ 2. Conclusion of the contract

In the case of a written / telephone enquiry by the customer, a contract is only concluded if it is confirmed in writing or by telephone by  Taxi- und Limousinenservice Thomas Fritsch.

§ 3. Terms of payment

If no written agreement has been made, payment of the full final price is due immediately.

Payment is to be made in cash on the day of transport  (before the start of the journey, to the chauffeur).

All prices are inclusive of VAT (at the rate of 19%).

§ 4. Default of payment

According to §286 BGB (German Civil Code) the customer is in default of payment at the latest 30 days after receipt of the invoice.

If a reminder is sent by the  Taxi- und Limousinenservice Thomas Fritsch before the expiry of 3 days after the due date and receipt of an invoice, this already triggers the consequences of default.

The amount of interest on arrears shall be determined in accordance with § 288 BGB.

The reminder costs amount to 5.00 Euro.

In the event of default, all discounts on the corresponding invoice shall expire and the list price shall be payable.

§ 5. Cancellation of the contract

Cancellations will only be effective if made in writing.

In case of cancellations  Taxi- und Limousinenservice Thomas Fritsch will charge the following reimbursement of expenses:

0% up to 8 weeks before the start of the journey.

50% up to 4 weeks before the start of the journey.

75% up to 2 weeks before the start of the journey.

If the cancellation is made less than 2 weeks before the start of the journey, the full rental price will be charged.

§ 6. Carriage

There is no obligation to transport. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the vehicle. The carrying, bringing and consumption of food is not permitted.

Drinks can be ordered at the time of booking.

According to the German Road Traffic Regulations (STVO), seat belts must be worn throughout the vehicle unless you can provide us with an exemption from the obligation to wear a seat belt.

Passengers must comply with the instructions of the chauffeur. If the passengers act contrary to the instructions of the chauffeur  or if they represent a danger to the safety of road traffic according to the STVO, Taxi- und Limousinenservice Thomas Fritsch or the chauffeur is entitled to exclude them from the carriage.

In this case, the full fare, including additional and special services, will be charged.

Pets of any kind will not be transported.

For the carriage of babies, infants and children, the customer shall provide appropriate child seats.

§ 7. Liability of the Client

The client is liable for all damages caused by him and the other passengers.

This includes: theft and vandalism or excessive soiling, of any kind. By the customer or third parties commissioned by him.

Any lettering, attachments and decorations must be removed by the customer.

He is liable for all consequential damages.

§ 8. Liability of the lessor

No liability is accepted for vehicle breakdowns, unless these are due to intent or gross negligence on the part of  Taxi- und Limousinenservice Thomas Fritsch.

§ 9. Delays caused by the customer

Delays caused by the customer, as well as delays caused by traffic (congestion), which result in additional costs, shall be borne by the customer.

§ 10. Place of jurisdiction

Baden-Baden is the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

German law shall apply.

Should one or more provisions of these GTC be invalid, this shall not entail the invalidity of the entire contract.

The invalid provision shall be replaced by the relevant provision.